Tipstrr is for Real, Learn how tips are created and how it is different?

Tipstrr offers access to paid and free sports betting tips. It is a tipster-proofing automated service. Users can see the site that is up-to-date featuring detailed charts and stats; they also underline the recent performance levels of tipsters.

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Information on Tipstrr

Tipstrr an open platform was launched for sports tipsters in 2014. It is designed for the bettors as user-friendly and improves profitability for the long-term. There are many other non-profitable sports betting systems, influencers, and strategies sneaking into offering services. However, Tipstrr focuses on offering legitimate services through its tipsters and maintains transparency by offering accurate records. Using the Tipstrr app ensures ease of convenience as the interface is user-friendly.

Tipstrr, the platform keeps an eye on its genuine tipsters by continuously tracking their performances and also verifies their prediction and advised odds.

Tipstrr allows anyone to sign up and publish sports tips on a subscription basis or for free. However, it aims to attract its followers by offering a consistent historical record. Tipstrr offers paid services, wherein they take from the subscription fee a cut as their charges.

Apart from the reports of tipsters, there is some free sports content of Tipstrr that punters may find interesting. It includes match countdowns, previews, and a review of the highest earners of each sport.

How are tips created?

The selections are private for bet tracking whether it is a personal or public tipster profile.  It is also checked automatically by the system upon input.

As the first step when Tipstrr receives a bet:

  • It begins to verify using live odd feeds if the selection is open to place at bookies the betting. It is an important step.
  • It sends a notification detailing the tip to the subscribers.
  • It incorporates automatically the bet result into the record of the tipster. Once done there is no room for modification.

How is Tipstrr different from other sites?

Tipstrr is considered to be different from other verification betting sites and this is because of the proofing process that it follows. Tipstrr offers proofing process as continuous and fully automated, meaning the bettors have at hand larger data. It is said that people who are registered as established tipsters on Tipstrr to offer tipster services are also monitored for years. It is an ongoing process offering a detailed view of the past and current prediction and betting. Tipstrr also keeps monitoring to check the ability of the established tipster in selecting future profitable bets.

Measuring the performance of established tipsters is possible for visitors. They can do it monthly, or even take a review of their success rates for the last quarterly, half-yearly, or right from their inception time. Visitors can alternatively measure, by markets, sport, a time before an event, bookmakers, and so on.

Scams – Less Risk

A very common problem among the tipsters is that they doctor the records. It is a way of cheating in selections after the event or also known as bloating the unachievable profits with odds. Bloating is a common scamming tactic among tipsters and it is not easy to understand or identify their tactics without having a close inspection. When a tipster falsifies profit by ignoring peak prices, it results in bloating.

For instance, when the odds can close at 6.0 for a horse but may have peaked at 9.0 during the day at some earlier timing. Using this if a tipster claims falsely to have 9.0 at peak odds, though he got really at 6.5, and yet the bet wins, it is an exaggerated profit. However, lying repeatedly builds an inflated PnL record.

The biggest advantage of Tipstrr is that it does not entertain bloating or for that matter any other scam. It prevents such scams by asking the tipster to give bets and to commit betting in real-time. In this way, Tipstrr ensures no room for data errors.

Tips to find a tipster

  • If you plan sports betting, as the first point start shopping for the right tipsters. It is a must to check on Tipstrr and you can do so without opening an account. You can browse the profit records of tipsters on the Tipstrr platform.
  • Search for specific events tips, but it may not give you a wide choice of options up to the event close time. Tipstrr has a great interface; you can go with your search.
  • Tipstrr offering sports betting is mainly geared towards Football and Horse Racing of the UK favorites. The drawback is that the Tipstrr platform does not offer other sports. But they are really strong as they offer exceptional tipster service.
  • The most prominent sport of Tipstrr is horse racing. You can avail free tipsters by following their introductory paragraph showing a blue hyperlink as their code. Yet for ultimate fun, join the paid services of Tipstrr, and earn money.
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